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The Answers You’ve Been Looking For

What is a Flat Foot?

Feet are considered flat when the arch is flattened or the foot pronates excessively when you stand. 

What Causes Flat Feet?

Some people are just born with flat feet, while others have normal arches that gradually flatten over time. Acquired flatfoot can be the result of

  • Injury or dysfunction of the posterior tibial tendon

  • Foot Arthritis

  • A particularly tight Achilles tendon

  • Abnormal sitting or sleeping positions when you were little

  • The general wear and tear that comes with age

  • By trying to compensate for other leg or foot problems

  • Obesity

  • Nerve Conditions (rare)

  • Pregnancy

How are flat feet treated?

For patients that have or are developing flat feet that are causing pain, our first course of action is to figure out what’s causing the arches to flatten. We’ll examine your feet, how you walk and stand, and may take an X-ray to get a better look.

Most patients with flat feet react well to non-invasive treatments like orthotics, shoe changes, anti-inflammatory medications, bracing for chronic conditions and exercises designed to strengthen the foot. In most cases, the orthotics need to be custom-made to fit your feet to really help the problem.

Surgery is rarely necessary but may be an option for severe cases that do not respond to more conservative treatments.

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